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I would like to introduce myself, my name is Sylvia Douna and I am the creator of the energetic jewellery in this webshop. I do this with a lot of passion and, above all, a lot of fun. I think it is very important that we monitor our energy fields well and keep them in balance, especially in these times.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by sacred geometry. It is wonderful how these forms develop and are a blueprint for our existence.

In addition, another passion has been added in recent years, the different possibilities of healings. Such as chakra healing, aura healing and frequency healing.

Sylvia Douna


Nikolas Tesla

Everything in us and around us, is energy.

Our energy fields are subject to many external influences, but also from ourselves. In our current society, we experience many stimuli. Consider, for example, stress from work, problems with health, radiation around us.
This can have a negative impact on us. We become unbalanced and end up in a downward spiral.

Our energy fields and chakras struggle to keep functioning properly. Especially if you are highly sensitive (which many of us are), it is necessary to stay in balance and to be able to close off and protect yourself.

Aura Healer

Designed and Handmade In House

How can you turn this around, you may wonder. The best way is to connect with nature. Take a long walk in the woods or walk barefoot through the surf of the sea. Do this regularly and you will experience more peace and balance.

You can then handle daily life more easily. you feel energy and balance returning

But sometimes this is not enough and you get out of balance again.
My mission with Artisan Jewels is to support you in this. Helping you to feel better and in balance again.

For this I make different types of jewelry, with different techniques. To know which piece of jewellery suits you well, it is important to let your intuition speak. It may be that a certain colour attracts you or the symbols I used. Your intuition, what you are attracted to, helps you choose the right piece of jewellery.

Each piece of jewellery is made in small quantities or especially for you. I work with high-quality materials and in an energetic environment.


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