Celestial Art

Celestial art jewellery contains an energy symbol specially crafted by a shaman for Artisan Jewels. This symbol represents the cosmos, the universe and contains the sun, moon and stars. Infinite universal life energy, true cosmic energy.

It is within this cosmic energy you will find the connection with spiritual beings that are there for you, like for example your guardian angels.

Celestial energy healing connects with these loving spiritual beings. You can connect true praying, meditation, and chakra- and aura healing, While doing this keep the Celestial jewellery close to you.

Feel how the love and energy from the universe connect with you. Let it heal and comfort you.

Celestial art jewellery comes in different colours and crystals. Each with their own healing and cleansing properties.

The cosmic energy of the celestial art jewellery helps you in your transformation to the 5th dimension.

This transformation can be tough and you can feel alone. Celestial art jewellery from Artisan Jewels supports you and guide you in this journey and remember, your guardian angels are helping too.

Celestial jewellery always contains gold or gold and silver. If you have a specific wish for colours and materials, feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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