Lotus Art

Lotus Art

The Lotus symbol used by Artisan Jewels is an Indian Lotus mandala.

The lotus is seen as a symbol of the eternal renewal of life. Lotuses symbolize prosperity, beauty, fertility, eternity and eternal youth. Lotuses are also used to represent chakras or the body’s energy centers.

A Lotus flower is magical and serene. It is well known in Hinduism, Buddhism and in ancient Egypt.

While the flower in Hinduism mainly represents prosperity, in Buddhism it symbolizes purity and enlightenment. In Buddhism, it has been told that Buddha was born from a lotus flower.

As soon as the lotus flower emerges, it also unites with the four elements. It was already connected with the earth and the water, after emerging it is also connected with the air and the fire (the sun). This creates an ultimate connection, unity and balance with nature.

A chakra is often represented as a lotus flower.

You can imagine opening a chakra as opening the leaves of a lotus flower. You can also see this reflected in the symbols that belong to the 7 chakras.

Here you find the connection with the jewelry of Artisan Jewels.

The Indian Lotus is made within a mandala. A mandala is like a magical wheel.

According to ancient Eastern wisdom they serve as an inspiration and inner enrichment. They make you aware of the infinity of existence and the connection with everything around you. With a mandala, there is no beginning and no end.

For Artisan Jewels the Lotus and the mandala are a perfect combination to use for your personal healing.

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