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Flower of Life Mystic Tiger Tensor


This Flower of Life Mystic Tiger has a powerful and protective energy. She focuses your attention on the universal and balances the Yin & Yang.
Mystic Tiger also helps you to ground properly. A boost for your solar plexus chakra but also support for your sacral chakra and root chakra.


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This Flower of Life Mystic Tiger has a powerful and protective energy. She focuses your attention on the universal and balances the Yin & Yang.
Mystic Tiger also helps you to ground properly. A boost for your solar plexus chakra but also support for your sacral chakra and root chakra.

Mystic Tiger contains tiger's eye, amber, rhodizite, Arkansas master crystals, the Artisan Gaia Healing elixir and 23.75 gold.
It has the Flower of Life symbol. A tensor ring has been incorporated into the bottom layer.

Flower of life is a sacred geometric symbol that has been seen worldwide for centuries as the secret from which all universal building blocks arise. It represents the energy of unity consciousness, the next state of consciousness towards which humanity is now rapidly evolving. That's the goal; complete unit. The geometric shape consists of several evenly spaced, overlapping circles arranged in a flower pattern with a six-fold symmetry like a hexagon. The perfect shape, proportion and harmony of the Flower of Life are known by philosophers, architects and artist all over the world. The symbol is believed to be part of the Akashic Records and that the Flower of Life contains the blueprint for all creation. The flower of life is thus seen as the visual expression of the unity of all creations, it can be seen as the fundamental form of time and space.
The Flower of Life has a deep spiritual meaning. The symbol has significant meaning to many different cultures throughout history. The symbol can be found in manuscripts, temples, and art by cultures around the world.

Within a tensor, the ring is an infinite energy source with an output that is beneficial and healing for all life forms. It is a superconductor that neutralizes magnetic fields, brings cohesion to chaos, and easily stabilizes and smooths the body's biomagnetic and energy fields.

Read more about the special effect of Tensor energy here.

Tiger's eye is a protective stone. It is an extremely effective protection against negativity from others. With personal attacks such as jealousy, gossip, black magic, tiger eye can ensure that the attacks are not perceived as harmful. Self-confidence and own strength are strengthened in such a way that negativity and personal attacks remain with the other and have less or no impact.
Tiger eye also gives confidence and willpower. It reduces anxiety thoughts.
Tiger eye matches the 3rd chakra

Amber has a cleansing and protective effect. The powerful but soft energy of this stone brings balance to the (energy) body and helps reduce negative emotions and emotional and physical pain. It makes you happy, stable and resilient and gives self-confidence. Amber gives a helping hand when things are going a bit less and can also support stress, depressive and suicidal feelings and other mood disorders. It converts negative energy into positive energy and makes you happy.

Rhodizite is a very rare (small) crystal from Madagascar. She is one of the most powerful crystals on the earth. In Atlantis and Lemuria, they were already known as Master Crystal. Rhodizite crystals are the only crystals that greatly enhance the energy of other crystals (they also amplify our energy.

The crystal is an energetic connector that supports you in spiritual awakening. They produce constant healing energy. If you put a Rhodizite on one or all chakras, you will quickly experience an enormous effect. A blocked chakra is easily provided with new energy.

Arkansas Crystal is great for healing and energetic work. It has a very high vibration frequency. Arkansas Crystal regulates energy, absorbs energy, provides energy and stores energy according to what is needed in a given situation. Because Arkansas Crystal is so neutral and pure, the stone can be charged for any (energetic) effect and can also enhance the effect of other stones.

They are one of the most powerful rock crystals in the world. The energy is very soft, they are connected with the unconditional love and high energy of Lemuria, the Golden Age of Atlantis, the Pleiades and Sirius.

The Artisan Gaia healing elixir consists of various minerals and essential oils. The composition is known only at Artisan Gifts. This guarantees the authenticity of the documents.

This Gaia Elixer supports:

  • Solid grounding
  • High sensitivity (HSP)
  • More living from your heart than you live from your head
  • Helps to choose your own path
  • Shielding against negative energy from people around you
  • Have a positive attitude, look at things more lightly
  • Rest in your head
  • Good night rest
  • Spiritual development
  • New-age (Indigo) children who cannot find their way in this world properly

23.75K gold leaf
Gold removes negative energy from the aura and chakras. It restores balance, both on a physical and emotional level. Gold is connected to the energy of our sun. It is a very good conductor of energies and high frequencies. It opens the crown chakra and helps you gain wisdom from the universe and your higher self.
In addition, it is also a good energetic protector.

Each piece is handmade and therefore unique.
The Flower of Life Mystic Tiger Tensor pendant has a gold coloured cord and comes in a luxury gift box.
It can also be supplied with a brown cord. If you want this colour, please specify at checkout.

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