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Indian Lotus Lemurian Violet Flame


This Lemurian Violet flame amulet, with an Indian Lotus symbol, has a strong connection with Lemuria and Telos through the addition of Mount Shasta opals and golden healer crystals. In addition, she makes a connection with your higher spiritual self and the cosmos through the Violet Flame.

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This Lemurian Violet flame amulet, with an Indian Lotus symbol, has a strong connection with Lemuria and Telos through the addition of Mount Shasta opals and golden healer crystals. In addition, she makes a connection with your higher spiritual self and the cosmos through the Violet Flame.
The diameter is approx. 4 cm.
If ordered as a backorder, it will be made for you, creating time approximately 5-7 working days.

The violet flame is a high frequency of light, spiritual energy for transformation. The violet flame arises from the violet ray also called the seventh ray, the ray of divine freedom. Each ray is a unique intelligence made up of a spectrum of light. We too are formed from light and carry all the colours of the spectrum within us, including the violet light.
The violet flame is the key to individual and world transmutation.
Saint Germain is the keeper of the violet flame. His cosmic name means freedom, God of freedom for the Earth.
Saint Germain teaches that supreme alchemy consists of the transformation of the lower consciousness into the divine self.
He has given us one of the most precious gifts to connect with as humans, the violet flame that, when used correctly, accelerates the process of descending our divine selves.
It is a strong purifying energy that cuts through all layers of old pain and karmic ballast.

Lotus symbol in the form of a mandala.
The lotus is seen as a symbol of the eternal renewal of life. Lotuses symbolize prosperity, beauty, fertility, eternity and eternal youth. Lotuses are also used to represent chakras or the body's energy centres.

23.75K gold
Gold removes negative energy from the aura and chakras. It restores balance, both on a physical and emotional level. Gold is connected to the energy of our sun. It is a very good conductor of energies and high frequencies. It opens the crown chakra and helps you gain wisdom from the universe and your higher self.
In addition, it is also a good energetic protector.

Each piece is handmade and therefore unique.
The amulet is provided with a gold-coloured cord and comes in a luxury gift box.

Detailed description:

Mount Shasta opals have a high vibration, higher than other opals. This is due to the site, Mount Shasta. A sacred mountain in northern California, where a small group of Lemurians entered the Earth through the mountain before the demise of Lemuria.
Here the Lemurian civilization has settled in a city called Telos. In this civilization, people live in the 5th dimension.
The connection with the earth and the cosmos creates special vortexes of energy here.
Mount Shasta opals purify and heal all chakras. They provide healing on all levels.
The pendant contains plain and white Mount Shasta opal. The white opal is even higher in vibration and energy.

Golden healer (limonite quartz) helps ground and direct the flow of your life towards stability and comfort through powerful, conscious manifestation. It is a powerful mental healer and helps to prevent harmful thoughts and decreased clarity. It can be used to improve intuitive accuracy and improve telepathy. It restores youthfulness and facilitates healing of the inner child.
Golden Healer increases the energetic vibration of the wearer up to the level of the divine essence. The stone is incredibly powerful and does not stand still for a moment. The iron present strengthens the rock crystal while the ancient energies of Lemuria connect with "all that is." It gives the stone its enormous vitality and wisdom. This quartz variant goes through multi-dimensions, the healing power of the universe, Christ consciousness and heals the DNA. The Master crystal in word and deed brings spiritual abundance, balance, purifies the chakras and expands consciousness. The addition of Lemurian indicates that it is an extra powerful Golden Healer that has a direct link with the energies of Lemuria. They were used in the healing temples of Lemuria and therefore carry the knowledge of Lemuria.

You will also find in this amulet:

Amethyst helps you to find a healthy balance between body and mind. It makes you mentally calm and clear. It helps you process experiences and breaks through blockages.
With amethyst, you create relaxation in exciting, stressful times. It purifies and clarifies our inner world and our dreams and calms an overactive mind and thus helps against bad sleep and nightmares.
The connection is made from the earth (red) and the spirit (blue).
Red and blue together are purple, so amethyst is a stone that balances "above" and "below".

Citrine is the sun among gems. It makes you happy, active and satisfied. It gives you confidence, self-acceptance and helps with performance anxiety. It stimulates your creativity. Citrine is as powerful as it is a rare stone. The gem has powers that are one of a kind. This way the stone cleans itself and has direct contact with the solar energy. The stone has a heartwarming effect, counteracts depression by simply making its wearer happy every day, gives self-confidence and makes a determination. The stone attracts prosperity, makes outgoing and creative and gives a lot of positive energy.
She protects the aura and cleanses the chakras.

Selenite (angel stone) has a very fine vibration. It gives the higher chakras intense energy. One of the few stones that can do that. It is a valuable aura cleaner and provides insight.
She brings a lot of healing, love and transformation.
It strengthens your intuition and helps you in contact with the angels. It is also pleasant, calm support for meditation. Selenite de-stresses is calming and makes you happy. It picks up an emotional imbalance that makes you feel better.

Rhodizite is a very rare (small) crystal from Madagascar. She is one of the most powerful crystals on the earth. In Atlantis and Lemuria, they were already known as Master Crystal. Rhodizite crystals are the only crystals that greatly enhance the energy of other crystals (they also amplify our energy.

The crystal is an energetic connector that supports you in spiritual awakening. They produce constant healing energy. If you put a Rhodizite on one or all chakras, you will quickly experience an enormous effect. A blocked chakra is easily provided with new energy.

Arkansas Crystal is great for healing and energetic work. It has a very high vibration frequency. Arkansas Crystal regulates energy, absorbs energy, provides energy and stores energy according to what is needed in a given situation. Because Arkansas Crystal is so neutral and pure, the stone can be charged for any (energetic) effect and can also enhance the effect of other stones.

They are one of the most powerful rock crystals in the world. The energy is very soft, they are connected with the unconditional love and high energy of Lemuria, the Golden Age of Atlantis, the Pleiades and Sirius.

The Artisan Gaia healing elixir consists of various minerals and essential oils. The composition is known only at Artisan Gifts. This guarantees the authenticity of the documents.

This Gaia Elixer supports:

  • Solid grounding
  • High sensitivity (HSP)
  • More living from your heart than you live from your head
  • Helps to choose your own path
  • Shielding against negative energy from people around you
  • Have a positive attitude, look at things more lightly
  • Rest in your head
  • Good night rest
  • Spiritual development
  • New-age (Indigo) children who cannot find their way in this world properly

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