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Torus Atlantis Gold hanger


The Torus Atlantis Gold pendant not only shows how the energy of Gaia, Mother Earth, works but it also shows how our personal energy field works. The electromagnetic field of Gaia and our aura.


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The Torus Atlantis Gold pendant not only shows how the energy of Gaia, Mother Earth, works but it also shows how our personal energy field works. The electromagnetic field of Gaia and our aura.
You can also view an example of the pendant on this video.

The energy enters through our crown, from the universe/cosmos, into our body and flows through us to Mother Earth, and returns the same way. Up the spine to the crown chakra and back into the universe. This is a continuous movement of Torus energy. In this way, you continuously charge with healing, cosmic energy. It has a grounding effect and at the same time, you have a strong connection with the infinite universe. This pendant also has a strong connection with St. Germain.

The energy of this torus is constantly refreshing and affects itself.
Read more about the Torus energy fields here.
Also, watch this video for a wonderful explanation.

This pendant is about 4.5 cm in diameter (bottom) and it contains the Torus energy field, azumar, larimar, aquamarine, turquoise, quantum Quattro, rhodizite, Arkansas master crystals, 23.75K gold leaf and the Artisan Gaia healing mix. Due to the combination with metals (gold), it also functions as an orgonite pendant. Read more about orgonite here.

The pendant will be made for you if not in stock, delivery time is approximately 5-7 working days.

Larimar provides spiritual and spiritual strength. It helps you take control of your life and deal with changes. It provides inner peace, clarity and balance. Larimar promotes deep meditation and helps connect with guides and angels. Larimar is connected to the dolphin world and Atlantis.

Aquamarine is a blue/green variety of beryl, the mother of all gemstones.
Aquamarine is a calming stone. It makes you relaxed and happy. It helps you to get into your flow and to live in the here and now. It is linked to the throat chakra and helps you express your feelings. It helps you to be open, removes blockages. Aquamarine is a suitable stone to have with you during meditation. It promotes spiritual growth and intuition.
Aquamarine is connected with the sea, the element of water and with dolphin energy. Besides, it helps you clean up everything you are carrying with you. It helps you let go.
Aquamarine is also an aura protector, so highly recommended for highly sensitive people.

Azumar is a combination of quartz and kaolinite and also carries traces of other minerals, for example, still beet.
The name is a trademark of Robert Simmons and refers to the azure blue (Azure) and the sea, ocean (Mare). He discovered this stone in 2013. The discovery coincides with the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, a new consciousness. Coincidence?
Robert Simmons himself describes how Azumar works very nicely: “It is as if a loved one comes back to you after a long absence”. It seems as if the energy of the stone enters you like a stream of water and fills everything in its path with joy and makes every cell in your body younger.
It helps you let go of “negative” feelings: anger, fear, envy, and prompts you to replace them with serenity, enthusiasm and trust.
It is a “New Age” stone: it teaches us to interact more softly and gently and makes it easier for us to adapt to the changes we are experiencing now.
Azumar is a support for your personal growth of consciousness. She increases your insight into yourself, and with her help, you can also clearly articulate what is going on inside you, what your deepest feelings are
Her presence can increase telepathic sensitivity and possibly activate clairvoyance. Since the stone has a strong connection with the element Water, an empathic connection is also possible with everything that lives in water, especially with the world of dolphins.

In addition to four special minerals (Shattuckite, Dioptase, malachite and chrysocolla), Quantum Quattro also has many special effects on smoky quartz. It is called the stone of love.
Quantum Quattro is a gentle yet powerful healer on both a physical and emotional level. It balances the chakras and cleans and strengthens the aura. This protects the stone against negative external influences and removes negative energy from the energy field. It also helps release and clear old pain and negative energy and karma from past lives. It brings the body and mind back into balance and gives peace of mind.

Rhodizite is a very rare (small) crystal from Madagascar. She is one of the most powerful crystals on earth. In Atlantis and Lemuria, they were already known as Master Crystal. Rhodizite crystals are the only crystals that greatly enhance the energy of other crystals (they also amplify our energy.

The crystal is an energetic connector that supports you in spiritual awakening. They produce constant healing energy. If you put a Rhodizite on one or all chakras, you will quickly experience an enormous effect. A blocked chakra is easily provided with new energy.

Arkansas Crystal is great for healing and energetic work. It has a very high vibration frequency. Arkansas Crystal regulates energy, absorbs energy, provides energy and stores energy according to what is needed in a given situation. Because Arkansas Crystal is so neutral and pure, the stone can be charged for any (energetic) effect and can also enhance the effect of other stones.

They are one of the most powerful rock crystals in the world. The energy is very soft, they are connected with the unconditional love and high energy of Lemuria, the Golden Age of Atlantis, the Pleiades and Sirius.

The Artisan Gaia healing elixir consists of various minerals and essential oils. The composition is known only at Artisan Gifts. This guarantees the authenticity of the documents.

This Gaia Elixer supports:

  • Solid grounding
  • High sensitivity (HSP)
  • More living from your heart than you live from your head
  • Helps to choose your path
  • Shielding against negative energy from people around you
  • Have a positive attitude, look at things more lightly
  • Rest in your head
  • Good night rest
  • Spiritual development
  • New-age (Indigo) children who cannot find their way in this world properly

Gold removes negative energy from the aura and chakras. It restores balance, both on a physical and emotional level. Gold is connected to the energy of our sun. It is a very good conductor of energies and high frequencies. It opens the crown chakra and helps you gain wisdom from the universe and your higher self.
Also, it is also a good energetic protector.

Each Torus Atlantis Gold hanger pendant is handmade and therefore unique.
The Torus Atlantis Gold hanger pendant comes in a luxury gift box.

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