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Wholesale Guidelines

If you are interested in adding the jewellery of Artisan Jewels to your product range then feel free to send me a message at info@artisan-gifts.nl
I would love to collaborate!


• You have a physical and/or web store
• The jewellery of Artisan Jewels match your own products or you expect your customers to be interested in this as well.
• Only selling on your own website and/or in your own whop. Not on third parties websites (Etsy, eBay, Amazon etc).
• The minimum purchase is € 350.00 ex VAT for the first time and a minimum of € 175.00 ex VAT for following orders within two months. Purchase after two months is € 350,00 ex VAT again.

It may happen that your order has to be made. Keep in mind that your order will be shipped in 3-5 days when in stock and 5-10 days when to be made.
Wholesale discount is a maximum of 50% ex VAT
All wholesale orders are exempt from free shipping or any additional coupons.

Affiliate Guidelines

If you are interested in being an affiliate for Artisan Jewels then please fill in the form in the affiliate area. Affiliate commissions are between 15% and 25%.
I would love to collaborate!

After a positive evaluation, you will receive your own personal referral link.
You may use this personal referral link on your website and any other social media platform you use.
You can use the pictures and description from al the jewellery on the website.
In the affiliate area of Artisan Jewels, you can see all the details of your work and earnings.
Artisan Jewels has the right to end the affiliate partnership when it is not successful.

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